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Server Room Furniture - Aero-K® Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems - Electrical


Server Room Furniture - 24" Performance Work Bench w/ Full Bottom Shelf


Server Room Furniture - UCoustic 9210 Active Range 12U, 24U, 42U


Server Room Furniture - UCoustic 9210 Active Range 12U, 24U, 42U


Server Room Furniture - Office Pro-18 (16,800 BTU)


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We are a division of Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. and are committed to manufacturing and distributing computer related products and have served the Information Technology Industry since 1979. This fast paced industry requires companies to change constantly. New products and strategic technological advances provided us an opportunity to be innovative and creative.

Throughout the past 34 years, we have developed a strategy which present the IT industry with new and innovative products, supporting the growing and changing requirements of the computer and server room environment. Along with the introduction of Fire Suppression Systems and supplemental Server Room Cooling, we offer a multitude of products for every day computer room use.

Our products include server room furniture, tape racks, lockable tape storage cases, commercial grade paper, CD, DVD, Diskette, Smart Card, Credit Card shredders, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) units, computer temperature monitoring and alert software and devices, hard drive and tape degaussers (erasers), magnetic tape media and labels, and small, high-powered vacuums to keep your server racks and cabinets dust free.

We also offer hard drive degaussing, data conversion, data duplication and replication services as well as renting degaussers and portable air conditioners.