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Electrical Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

May 29, 2015

Electrical Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems - Server Room Furniture

The most innovative, fastest, compact, effective, least expensive fire protection product approved in the last ten years is Aero-K®, an Aerosol Spray Technology. Aero-K®, has more approvals than other fire protection products, has more fire protection applications, and is easily installed by factory trained installers. Aero-K®, generators are Electrical, Smoke Activated, or Thermally Activated. Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. a Denver based firm has hundreds of clients with multiple applications. Aero-K® comes in a variety of gram loaded generators to fit the application necessary to extinguish a fire.

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Mobile Server Cabinet

Apr 4, 2015

Mobile Server Cabinet - Server Room Furniture

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. introduces The Mobile Server Cabinet: Air Conditioning, Fire Protection, and Server Cabinet all in one. The Mobile Server Cabinet is on wheels for easy repositioning.

The mobile cabinet is a terrific product for new businesses, firms renting space, and companies without a defined space for a computer room. Repositioning to move away from room hotspots is easily accomplished in minutes.

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